Michael Levy

Outstanding attorney.
Matthew did an excellent job representing me in a difficult divorce.
Many attorneys know the law but too few have any judgement.
Matthew has both – knowledge and judgement.
A real expert and a gentleman.
My highest and unconditional recommendation.

Barbie Rosmann

I know that every family’s situation is different. For myself, I had been divorced for over a decade with a child still connecting us. In summer of 2014 my 14 year old daughter came home from her father’s crying yet again and asking if she was a bad person. Clearly, she needed to be advocated for. Matthew Kaplan, from the first, gave me a voice that hadn’t been heard in a long time. In the end my daughter finally had a voice as well. Matthew made it so my daughter and her father had to do therapy(individually as well as together). Now, going into summer of 2016, a different situation has occurred. Matthew has generously been guiding me through this and going above and beyond what I had initially asked of him. Truely, the world is lucky to have people out there like him. You can’t put a price on your child finally being heard.

Meagan Miller

I highly recommend Mr. Kaplan for not only his professionalism but his determination to help resolve my conflict legally.