Which jobs have the highest divorce rate?

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Divorce could happen to any married couple in Illinois; multiple studies have shown that around half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. But are some occupations more likely to cause marital tension than others? A recent study has suggested that some job fields come with higher divorce rates.

Which industries have the highest divorce rates?

If most people had to guess, they might assume that musicians have a high divorce rate. They may spend a lot of time away from their families, which can place a strain on a marriage. According to a recent study, the divorce rate among artists and musicians is nearly 33%. For professional musicians, this percentage is slightly lower.

However, this isn’t the highest divorce rate. The study says that office workers, nurses and people involved in transportation have some of the highest divorce rates in the country. Scientists, mathematicians, architects and people in the military have a divorce rate of 30%, slightly lower than artists and musicians. Bartenders and people who work in the gambling industry also have high divorce rates.

While your choice of profession doesn’t guarantee that you’ll file for divorce, this study suggests that some professions place a higher strain on a marriage than others. If you’re concerned about the effect your profession could have on your future spouse, it’s important to have these conversations before you get married. Otherwise, you might find yourself needing an attorney with experience in family law.

Is hiring an attorney worth the cost?

Divorce can be costly. Depending on the situation, you could find yourself paying child support or spousal support while also losing a portion of your financial assets. For this reason, you might find yourself wondering if hiring an attorney is worth the expense.

You might have to pay the legal bills, but an attorney may actually help you save money. An attorney may be able to help you protect your most treasured assets and negotiate for a fair amount of spousal support. When determining custody of your children, your attorney might also help you negotiate a reasonable amount of child support.

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